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Are targeted TV ads smart? John Carroll, Senior Director 14 February 2012 Can we be certain that the increased targeting of advertising is going to be attractive to consumers in the future? Are targeted TV ads smart?
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Are we gambling with the truth? John Carroll, Senior Director 18 October 2012 John Carroll talks about big data and what to expect from this year's Media Research Group conference in Monte Carlo. Are we gambling with the truth?
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Reading between the lines John Carroll, Senior Director 23 April 2012 Whilst declining circulations and readership for newspapers and magazines are widely and regularly reported, one in ten (9%) have viewed a newspaper or magazine via tablet, e-reader or app in the last 12 months. Reading between the lines
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Social media and mobile – buzzwords of the year (again) John Carroll, Senior Director 21 February 2012 The use of mobile or social media is now the norm for most of our surveys’ respondents. Is the research industry up to the challenge? Social media and mobile – buzzwords of the year (again)
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Ipsos MediaCT "helps clients make connections in the digital age". We do this through an in-depth understanding of how consumers access media content inside and outside of the home. In addition to our monthly Bite-Sized Thought Piece publications, Light Bites provides our reactions to the latest media research industry developments.

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