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A Budget for the people? Bobby Duffy, Managing Director, Social Research Institute 25 March 2011 The Chancellor argues that his budget is about putting the conditions in place for sustained growth after years of living beyond our means. While the public sympathises with this view, how will the measures announced yesterday play with people? A Budget for the people?
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On the morning of the Budget... Tom Mludzinski, Former Deputy Head of Political Research 23 March 2011 George Osborne is giving his Budget statement later today, but what do the public think of the Chancellor and his opposite number? On the morning of the Budget...
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Winning the economic argument Tom Mludzinski, Former Deputy Head of Political Research 22 March 2011 Winning the public's trust on the economy is vital to the electoral success of all three major parties. So, who is winning the economic argument? Winning the economic argument
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