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Ipsos MORI boasts world renowned experts on political, social, media and consumer research. Read our analysis of the latest social and consumer issues.

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Race Relations 21 June 2002 A series of recent surveys by MORI and other agencies have thrown considerable light on the current state of race relations in Britain and the hopes and fears of the minority ethnic communities. Race Relations
What is "Britishness"? 31 March 2000 What is "Britishness"? Is there some common national identity that all of us, or most of us, in these islands share? And are there common characteristics which we tend to assume other Britons are likely to have? The question poses itself in the week in which Tony Blair and William Hague, in their own ways, tried to make political capital by appealing to British voters' instincts of national identity. What is "Britishness"?
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