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Ipsos MORI boasts world renowned experts on political, social, media and consumer research. Read our analysis of the latest social and consumer issues.

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The complexities of the impact of ‘Bedroom Tax’ 12 October 2012 Steven Treanor explores the potential impact of Housing Benefit Reform on landlords, families and communities The complexities of the impact of ‘Bedroom Tax’
Public: Government Should Intervene On Climate Change... Just Don't Tax Us 6 August 2007 In the wake of the recent flooding that has inundated vast swathes of the country the debate about climate change continues to gather pace. Public: Government Should Intervene On Climate Change... Just Don't Tax Us
Tax And Spend 10 May 2002 Now the dust has settled from the Chancellor's tax-raising budget, let us take the opportunity for a wider view of what we know about public attitudes to "tax and spend". Tax And Spend
Petrol, Pensions and Party Advantage 10 November 2000 Support for fuel blockades has fallen since the last wave of protests in early September, as much of the media has been assuming; but, as has been far less widely noted, the support still remains considerable. The public wants a reduction in the petrol tax, the majority were prepared to support further protests before Mr Brown's pre-budget statement, and half the country would still support it now. Petrol, Pensions and Party Advantage
Votes and Taxes 14 July 2000 This week's U-turn by the Conservatives on tax has at last opened up a clear policy gap between the parties on one of the central issues in any election: the Tories are now committed to reducing the tax burden, even if this means cuts in public spending, while Labour will pursue its public spending plans, even if this means increasing taxes. This, of course, now frees the Tories for an all-out attack on tax increases under Labour without being scuppered by the reply that the figures in their own alternative do not add up. Votes and Taxes
NHS Spending and Tax Cuts 24 March 2000 If the Chancellor, Gordon Brown, had time to glance at the Guardian on the morning of Budget Day, perhaps as he ate the frugal breakfast the price of which he apparently had to borrow from a colleague, it might just have raised a smile. For there, in ICM's poll, the mass of the public were saying they wanted him to do very much what he was proposing to announce that he would do. Most of them wanted him to use any spare cash to help the Health Service, and more than half thought a rise in duty on tobacco was the most acceptable tax. NHS Spending and Tax Cuts
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