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Cameron's "Female Touch" A Myth 27 November 2006 The idea that Cameron has a "female touch" that Brown is lacking is a myth according to new polling evidence released today. Cameron's "Female Touch" A Myth
What The Public Thinks Of The Party Leaders (And The Leader-In-Waiting) 15 September 2006 The public's detailed image of the Prime Minister has deteriorated significantly in the last 18 months, analysis of data from the Ipsos MORI Political Monitor shows; but while Gordon Brown's image is better, it shares many of the most negative characteristics of Mr Blair's. The poll, conducted at the start of September (before the recent public falling out over the Prime Minister's retirement date) finds that Mr Brown, like Mr Blair, is primarily seen as out of touch, though the public also admit that he has sound judgment, a description they are reluctant to apply to Tony Blair, and many more people describe him as inflexible, tending to talk down to people and narrow minded than have the same impression of the Conservative and Liberal Democrat leaders. What The Public Thinks Of The Party Leaders (And The Leader-In-Waiting)
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