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Tory Own Goals 1 December 2000 This week's MORI political poll for The Times sees the government's voting intention lead over the Conservatives widening again. The Opposition have failed to make their attacks on the government stick, and both this and other recent polls offer clues why this might be the case. Tory Own Goals
Labour's Heartland Revival 1 September 2000 MORI's monthly poll for The Times published last week received a lot of attention and secondary reporting, mostly concentrating on the four-point drop in the Conservative voting intention share, to its lowest level since April. But the finding that may be by far the most politically significant was much less widely reported. Over the last four months there has been what may amount to a sea-change in the attitudes of Labour supporters to voting. One reading of the figures would suggest it may presage the difference between significant Tory gains that may secure William Hague's position to fight a second election, and another Labour landslide. Labour's Heartland Revival
Two Leaks 21 July 2000 Two leaked memos, one by Tony Blair and one by Labour's Political Consultant and pollster Philip Gould, have stirred up the news agenda this week, but beyond the embarrassment of the leaks themselves it is hard to see what much of the fuss is about. They tell us little we didn't know or guess already. Two Leaks
Soft Labour Vote? Not So, At Least Not Yet 10 May 2000 The first poll taken entirely after the call of the election shows a widening of the lead for Labour, and on every measure, Labour gaining even further ground on the Conservatives. Soft Labour Vote? Not So, At Least Not Yet
Labour slumps in Ayr 17 March 2000 So, the Conservatives have comfortably gained Ayr from Labour in the first by-election to the Scottish Parliament (as the polls suggested they would! - ICM/Scotsman poll, Scottish Opinion/Daily Record poll), with Labour convincingly beaten into third by the Scottish National Party, and their Liberal Democrat coalition partners slipping to fifth behind the Scottish Socialist Party. What, if anything, are the wider implications for Labour, and for the Tories? Labour slumps in Ayr
Labour and the 'Gender Gap' 3 March 2000 The Labour Party (or, to be precise, the Labour Representation Committee as it then was) was founded a hundred years ago this week. The driving force behind the LRC's foundation was the trade union movement, with the intention of getting working men into Parliament, and thereby better to represent working class voters. Labour and the 'Gender Gap'
Labour's Nightmayor 25 February 2000 In ten weeks' time, in theory, Londoners should be voting for their first directly-elected mayor. Even that is uncertain: because the House of Lords has blocked the passage of the regulations that will govern the contest, there is even the possibility that it may have to be postponed altogether. If so, it would be a final indignity in keeping with the shambles which has pervaded all aspects of the proceedings up to now. Labour's Nightmayor
How Blair Will Win In May 2001 31 December 1999 There's no mystery behind Labour's poll lead, says MORI's Sir Robert Worcester — it's the Opposition, stupid How Blair Will Win In May 2001
10 Myths About The 1997 Election 1 July 1999 Explaining Labour's Landslide Sir Robert Worcester & Roger Mortimore Published 20 July 1999 £19.95 / $35 (inc p&p) by Politico's www.politicos.co.uk 10 Myths About The 1997 Election
Surveys Hint That The Real Fight Is Beginning At Last 15 April 1997 The Conservatives are up all average three points, to 32 per cent, and Labour is down by four,to 49 per cent, since the first week of the campaign. There have been seven polls published since my report last week and a clear pattern is emerging, led by the MORI poll in The Times last Thursday which so galvanised the Prime Minister. Surveys Hint That The Real Fight Is Beginning At Last
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