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Drinking to the Future – growth and evolution of the spirits industry 17 June 2013 The spirits industry is growing strongly – but consumer behaviour is changing, and those that fail to adapt will be left behind, write Harry Carr and Ines Nadal from Ipsos MORI. Drinking to the Future – growth and evolution of the spirits industry
Filling the Olympic void… 21 September 2012 ... but watch out for the ‘Hotel Rwanda’ effect! How LOVEFiLM has harnessed the power of Big Data to keep the customer satisfied. Claire Emes blogs in MediaWeek. Filling the Olympic void…
We’re (not) all going on a summer holiday… 5 July 2012 Only half of us plan to take a holiday this summer, as we are more willing to sacrifice our summer break than a new phone or game: Claire Emes, Head of Trends & Insight in MediaWeek. We’re (not) all going on a summer holiday…
Border Skirmish 13 November 2011 Bobby Duffy in the Sunday Times writes that given our national concern about immigration, the government has reason to be concerned following the UK Border Agency row. Border Skirmish
Worcester's Weblog - "Becalmed" 18 September 2009 Sir Robert Worcester notes that there has been a remarkable stability in the parties' share of the voting intention polls for over three months. Worcester's Weblog - "Becalmed"
Voting Trends: January - August 2009 1 September 2009 Sir Robert Worcester, Founder of MORI, analyses voting trends for the year to date. Voting Trends: January - August 2009
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