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Technology Research

Technology Research at Ipsos MORIFor decades, we've been adapting to and integrating the evolutions brought by the technological age. Ipsos MORI experts have continued to measure and analyse how technology has changed the way we live and interact with each other, how the arrival of new hardware and software has changed the way we consume goods, old & new media, and the way we conduct our businesses or socialise with people.

As these developments happen at a faster and faster pace, it is increasingly difficult for companies to predict what role they will play in the future. How to retain customers' trust and high levels of loyalty in an increasingly individualistic world? How to increase engagement with content or advertising across multiple platforms, and monetise their services? How to measure and understand the behaviour of a population using tablets and smartphones? Find out here how, using the latest technologies available, Ipsos MORI experts can help you find your place in the technological age.

Technology Tracker

Ipsos MediaCT's Q3 2013 Tech tracker is a FREE quarterly update.

The latest quarterly release of our Technology Tracker (including Infographics) shows emerging trends in internet, smartphone, tablet, digital media and technology usage across Great Britain. Read more link

Tech Tracker Infographic

Ipsos MORI Tech Tracker Infographic: Click to Enlarge

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Technology Newsletter

In this issue, we explore what consumers think of 4G, and look the historical landmark – when smartphone ownership hit 50% – and we look at how people actually use their tablet. Read more link

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