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Ipsos MORI is one of the leading political, social and business research companies in the UK and Ireland. We produce many reports and thought pieces which review our research and thinking across a  broad range of topics.

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The Ipsos Global @dvisor 1 March 2009 Key topics covered in this analysis include world citizen's attitudes on economic confidence, trade and regulation, trust of business, their most worrying issues and a unique segmentation on globalization and control. The Ipsos Global @dvisor
In Perspective 2008/09 1 January 2009 What does the future hold? This Ipsos MORI report looks back at Britain in 2008 and ahead to Britain in 2009. In Perspective 2008/09
A New British Model? June 2006 There is increasing interest in comparing the different approaches to balancing economic and social welfare priorities across countries in Europe and beyond. This has led to new models that have attempted to explain and classify the current government's approach in Britain. For example, Will Hutton has talked about the "social democratising" of the Anglo-Saxon model, and last year Nick Pearce (Director of ippr) and colleagues outlined the "Anglo-Social Model". This describes the approach as an attempt to combine the economic performance and flexibility of liberal welfare states with the social protection and equality of Scandinavian countries. A New British Model?
The more things change... Government, The Economy and Public Services since the 1970s 22 December 2003 MORI has been asking the public their opinion of government, the economy and public services for over 30 years. This gives us a unique insight into what is changing, what is going in cycles and what is staying the same. This report brings together some of these key trends for the first time. The more things change... Government, The Economy and Public Services since the 1970s
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