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Ipsos MORI is one of the leading political, social and business research companies in the UK and Ireland. We produce many reports and thought pieces which review our research and thinking across a  broad range of topics.

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The power of the big screen 15 February 2011 Cinema audiences in the UK have been enjoying a decade and a half of steady growth, peaking at 173.5 million in 2009. With its current popularity and credentials, and with the potential for 3D advertising to create even more impact in the near future, this would seem to be the right time for advertisers and planners to take cinema very seriously. The power of the big screen
TV on alternative platforms 9 December 2010 The technological advances of recent years have brought about significant changes in how we can choose to access video content. They have given us the ability to timeshift and create our own viewing libraries, to choose between downloads and live streaming online, and to access on-demand programming both online and through the TV set. TV on alternative platforms
The Pocket Knife Effect 16 July 2009 A little over a year ago a curious phenomenon took place in newsagents and corner shops across the UK. After an absence of four years Cadbury’s Wispa bars, withdrawn because of poor sales and production problems, suddenly re-appeared on the shelves and instantly became the most successful chocolate bar product ‘launch’ in decades. The Pocket Knife Effect
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