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Ipsos MORI is one of the leading political, social and business research companies in the UK and Ireland. We produce many reports and thought pieces which review our research and thinking across a  broad range of topics.

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Perceptions and Reality: Public attitudes to immigration 2 January 2014 With the support of Unbound Philanthropy, Ipsos MORI has written Perceptions and Reality: Public attitudes to immigration; our attempt to present a more complete picture by collating and distilling a wide range of attitudinal data on immigration. Perceptions and Reality: Public attitudes to immigration
Understanding Society - December 2011 09 December 2011 In our latest issue of Understanding Society we round up how public opinion has been affected by the major events of an extraordinary year, and what it means for politicians, policy makers and public services in the future. Understanding Society - December 2011
Understanding Society July 2011 1 July 2011 In our latest Understanding Society, we analyse the power of public opnion across the world and feature a Q&A with Tony Blair. Understanding Society July 2011
Understanding Society - May 2011 19 May 2011 One year after the election of the Coalition government, Ipsos MORI's latest Understanding Society explores the implications for local public services. Understanding Society - May 2011
Understanding Society: Winter 2010 7 December 2010 In this edition of Understanding Society, we use the research we have done over the last year to look at what, if any, effect global economic, political and social challenges had on elections in 2010. Understanding Society: Winter 2010
Politics, Public Services and Society 22 March 2010 On the eve of a general election campaign, Ispsos MORI offers this review partly as a synthesis of our work on the major issues of the last year, partly as an interpretation of what seem to be the crucial dynamics for 2010. Politics, Public Services and Society
People, Perceptions and Place August 2009 This report helps local public services and partnerships better understand what factors affect key outcomes such as satisfaction with quality of life, community cohesion, feelings of influence and ratings of local services. People, Perceptions and Place
Understanding Society - Summer 2009 Summer 2009 There is a difficulty in measuring people's perceptions. This newsletter provides a framework for developing a more sophisticated understanding of what drives public attitudes. Understanding Society - Summer 2009
In Perspective 2008/09 1 January 2009 What does the future hold? This Ipsos MORI report looks back at Britain in 2008 and ahead to Britain in 2009. In Perspective 2008/09
Understanding London Life June 2008 This report contains comprehensive analysis of Best Value Performance Indicator (BVPI) data for London Understanding London Life
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