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The Imperatives for Customer Loyalty 2012

The Imperatives for Customer Loyalty 2012
In 2009, The Logic Group commissioned Ipsos MORI to conduct research that led to the first ‘The Imperatives for Customer Loyalty’ report. The idea was that while there was a lot of research into loyalty as it affects individual brands and organisations, there was relatively little research that looked at the landscape as a whole, including the consumer view.

That initial project developed into a survey series which is now in its fourth year, and the research has been updated on an annual basis following the evolution and nature of consumer loyalty in Britain over that period. Over these years we have identified some key themes, such as the emergence of a new transactional, rather than emotional, loyalty – driven perhaps by today’s financially cautious consumer; the increasingly dominant perception of loyalty schemes as a form of discount among consumers; and a disparity regarding new technologies in terms of what the consumer wants or is ready to consider, and what the market place is able to offer.

This year the research is made up of two strands: an online quantitative survey and a follow up online discussion group, both among British consumers.
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