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Ipsos MORI is one of the leading political, social and business research companies in the UK and Ireland. We produce a huge volume of surveys and research, working with hundreds of clients across the public and private sectors.  Our polls consist of tracking data from our research on a wide variety of subjects, including education, healthcare, crime, the monarchy, race, business and politics. Our survey data encapsulates the views, experiences and behaviours of the general public and specific audiences.  Our long term political and social trends, collected over the last 30+ years, are unrivalled amongst polling organisations.

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Buying British Food 16 November 2011 Supporting the local economy is a driver for buying British food, according to new Ipsos MORI research. Buying British Food
Green shoots? 31 October 2011 Around one in six (17%) Britons describe Britain’s current economic situation as good, making Britain level with the USA. Green shoots?
Economic gloom in Britain 26 September 2011 Just one in ten Britons describe Britain’s current economic situation as good according to new research from Ipsos’ Global @dvisor online survey conducted in 26 countries. Economic gloom in Britain
Ipsos Global @dvisor Wave 20 2 June 2011 New research by Ipsos MORI shows that only one in ten Britons rate the economy as ‘good’. The latest Global @divsor survey conducted in 24 countries ranks Britain amongst the most negative nations in the world. Ipsos Global @dvisor Wave 20
Ipsos Global @dvisor Wave 17 1 March 2011 Britons are among the most negative about the economy in the world according to the latest Economic Global Pulse from Ipsos’ Global @advisor, online research conducted in 24 countries. Ipsos Global @dvisor Wave 17
State of the Economy - Trends 1 May 2009 Q How would you describe the current state of the British economy? Q And what state do you think the British economy will be in, in 5 years’ time? State of the Economy - Trends
Britain Today 23 January 2006 Questions about happiness, worries, voting intention, Britain and being British, society, public services, perception of party leaders, sentencing/ punishment for crimes and spiritual beliefs. Britain Today
Muslims 'Take Pride' In British Way Of Life 10 August 2005 Britons endorse multi-cultural society, according to our latest poll for BBC News. Muslims 'Take Pride' In British Way Of Life
Attitudes of British Muslims 23 July 2005 The vast majority of Muslims living in Britain feel strongly that they belong to Britain, feel part of British society and believe that Muslims make a valuable contribution to British society, according to new research conducted by MORI for The Sun. The poll, conducted on 21-22 July, examined Muslims' attitudes to being British and their reactions to the recent bombings in London. By a margin of two to one, Muslims approve of the way Tony Blair is handling the response to the 7th July terrorist attacks (46% approve 24% disapprove), but a majority believe that "the war in Iraq is the main reason why London was bombed" (53%). In contrast, just 14% say that "the war in Iraq had nothing to do with why London was bombed". Attitudes of British Muslims
Asian Nations Share British Concern For Animals 16 March 2005 Concern for the welfare and protection of animals is an issue felt strongly in Asian countries as well as here in Britain, according to a MORI survey. Asian Nations Share British Concern For Animals
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Our long term political and social trends are unrivalled amongst polling organisations.

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