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Survey for Channel 4 on attitudes towards the death penalty

Published:28 October 2009
Fieldwork:10 - 16 July 2009
Source:Ipsos MORI / Channel 4
Keywords:Crime, Death penalty, Media, Sentencing, TV
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A new Ipsos MORI survey for Channel 4 examines the attitudes towards the death penalty in the UK. The survey has been commissioned by Channel 4 to coincide with a new hard-hitting drama, The Execution of Gary Glitter, which will air on 9 November.

The survey results among British adults include the following:

  • 70 per cent think the UK should still have the death penalty as the maximum possible penalty for at least one of the twelve different types of crime surveyed. 
  • 73 per cent agree (50 per cent ‘strongly agree’) that ‘the views of the public are being ignored by politicians and the Government when setting maximum sentences and penalties for serious crimes’. 
  • 76 per cent agree (51 per cent ‘strongly agree’) that ‘there should be more open debate in the UK about the penalties for serious crimes, including the death penalty’. 
  • 77 per cent agree (56 per cent ‘strongly agree’) that they ‘are concerned that the maximum penalties (or sentences) that are set in the UK for child abuse are not severe enough’.

Download the full computer tables (PDF)

Technical Notes

The survey was commissioned by Channel 4. A nationally representative quota sample of 967 British adults (aged 15+) were interviewed face-to-face on Ipsos MORI’s regular Omnibus survey (Capibus) between 10th to 16th July 2009. Data were weighted to the demographic profile of the population.

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