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Climate Change Still High on Publics' Agenda

Published:11 June 2010
Fieldwork:6 January - 26 March 2010
Source:Ipsos MORI / Cardiff University
Keywords:Climate change, Environment, Global Warming
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Ipsos MORI's most recent survey on climate change and energy supply was published today (Friday 11th June) and shows that, despite a decline in concern about climate change, the majority of the British public still believe the climate is changing and say they are prepared to act on this.

As the new Government begins to get to grips with the task of meeting its climate change obligations while also renewing the energy supply system for Britain, the new survey results give an insight into the British public’s attitudes towards these issues.

The research represents the first independent nationwide survey of these topics since the winter controversies over climate science, and finds that belief in climate change remains high although the numbers believing this has decreased with time.

Technical Details

Ipsos MORI carried out the survey, on behalf of Cardiff University, between 6th January and 26th March 2010. A nationally representative quota sample of the British population aged 15 years and older (1,822) were interviewed face-to-face in their own homes in 315 sampling locations. The full British sample of 1,822 is based on a core sample of 1,528, to which additional booster samples from Scotland (109) and Wales (185) were added. All data have been weighted to the known profile of the British population.

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