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Road User Charging Survey

Governing and Paying for England's Roads

Published:5 July 2010
Fieldwork:25th - 27th June 2010
Source:Ipsos MORI/RAC Foundation
Keywords:Driving, Motoring, Road charging, Road pricing
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The release of findings from a new survey conducted by Ipsos MORI coincides with today’s publication of 'Governing and Paying for England’s Roads’, a report by the RAC Foundation. The survey explores public attitudes towards road user charging.


The RAC Foundation’s report identifies several major problems facing road users and the government in the future. It suggests that a fundamental shift in the way England’s roads are managed and paid for is essential if the country is to avoid traffic gridlock in the coming decades.

The main findings from the survey include the following: 


·          65% of British adults oppose, in principle, the introduction of a “pay as you go” system on motorways and major roads.

·          46% of British adults support a charging system on the motorways and major roads which also contains measures including the abolition of road tax and a cut in fuel duty.

·          58% of drivers agree that a ‘pay as you go’ system across all roads would make them think about how much they drive.


Technical Note: The survey involved 1,005 telephone interviews with a representative sample of British adults aged 16+. Fieldwork took place between 25-27 June 2010. Data have been weighted to be representative of region, age, gender, working status, socio-economic grade and car in household.

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