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Key Influencer Tracking

The Key Influencer Tracking program is a suite of multi-client studies that examine the attitudes and opinions of a range of elite, opinion-forming stakeholder audiences. The first of these surveys was set up by MORI’s founder, Sir Robert Worcester, over thirty five years ago and the programme has gone from strength to strength ever since.

The key strength of these surveys is that they provide independent and cost effective access to difficult to reach stakeholder groups and help companies and organisations of every kind to manage their reputation, communications and sector knowledge. Our clients use these surveys to:

  • Understand the reputational landscape in which their company or organisation operates
  • Investigate opinions on key, current issues affecting the sector
  • Measure and track their reputation compared to similar organisations or competitors
  • Identify the factors that drive favourability and advocacy amongst these important groups
  • Identify activities and communication messages which develop and maintain an organisation’s reputation

What elevates these surveys above others is the way in which they are conducted; our primary commitment when talking to audiences of this seniority is to make the experience as pleasant as possible for the respondent and to maximise the potential of the data collected. To that end nearly all, expect in certain special cases, of the KIT surveys are conducted face-to-face using Ipsos MORI’s specially trained group of elite interviewers. Data collected in this manner is of unparalleled quality and provenance. Furthermore, the way we construct these surveys, putting heavy influence on open-ended questions, means that these interviews can take on an almost qualitative nature. This means our trained interviewers can probe for sentiment and meaning behind any and all answers, giving you, the client, access to an incredibly rich source of data.

The KIT program in 2014 will include the following surveys:

UK Government

The Financial Community

Business Leaders


The European Union

Corporate Responsibility

  Why Do It?

Our Key Influencer Tracking studies provide:

Quality: we have conducted surveys among key influencers for more than three decades and are widely recognised as the leading provider of elite influencer research. We have an established reputation with key influencers - achieving special cooperation and exceptionally high response rates. The standard and quality of our samples are second to none

Insight: we are more than data collectors. Ipsos MORI understands the attitudes and opinions of elites whose views affect your company, and helps you communicate effectively with them. We provide detailed, graphical reporting on your organisation’s results in the context of your sector and competitors. Our analysis includes key performance indicators, trends, explanatory verbatim comments, and a management summary outlining the implications of the findings

Value: our regular key influencers research surveys are sponsored by a number of organisations, greatly reducing the cost of accessing audiences that are otherwise extremely difficult to reach

Benchmarking: we have built up a massive bank of trend data over the years on more than 1,500 companies and organisations

Flexibility: all subscribers to key influencers research surveys have access to a core set of measures, enabling them to benchmark and track performance over time. However, each subscriber can also include exclusive questions focused directly on issues affecting their businesses

our interviews amongst politicians, journalists and business leaders are conducted face-to-face allowing us to collect valuable and actionable verbatim commentary

For more information please contact:

Carl Phillips on 020 7347 3061
Himanshu Himanshu on 020 7347 3946

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