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Personal Finance Journalists

Key Influencer Tracking

Do you need to understand what journalists writing about personal finance think of your organisation and your products?

The Ipsos MORI survey of Personal Finance journalists will enable you to understand what the media thinks are the most important sector issues, and which brands are having the most impact in the market. Our survey provides detailed information on the opinions of one Britain’s best-informed and influential stakeholder groups.

Personal Finance journalists are an important source of knowledge on what is happening in the sector, and have a great influence on the views of their readers and consumers more generally.

Organisations typically get feedback from journalists, which is piecemeal and incomplete. Ipsos MORI offers an independent, systematic review of key journalists’ opinions on the UK’s retail financial services companies.

This research will enable you to:
  • understand how journalists perceive you and your competitors’ brand, product quality and marketing
  • evaluate the effectiveness of your communications and press relations
  • pinpoint areas for improvement and plan future communications and press relations strategies
This is a unique survey – run in the UK since 1990 – and offers an independent and authoritative audit of the views of the journalists who write about personal finance in the UK. The survey is flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs. 

Fieldwork is conducted face-to-face to ensure that the data collected is of the highest quality. Face-to-face research is the best way to maximise the feedback generated from each interview, as there is no better way to probe for sentiment. Ipsos MORI will conduct around 180 interviews with the country’s top personal finance journalists.

As a survey subscriber, you can nominate specific journalists for inclusion in the core sample, and we are happy to provide a set of additional analysis by your key journalists as part of the survey cost.

The core package of questions includes the following:
  • Familiarity, favourability, product quality, product promotion and press relations
  • Which companies are rated highest for each financial product
  • Verbatim comments on favourability, product quality, product promotion and press relations
  • An extensive selection of image ratings including trustworthiness and commitment to excellent customer service
  • Background information, including criteria for judging companies, and economic optimism
  • Relevant tracking data (where available) from our database of results since 1991
The additional press module contains an additional set of questions including:
  • Criteria for judging media relations
  • Regularity of contact
  • Ratings on six additional press relations statements including speed and efficiency,     knowledge and expertise, and quality of company spokespeople
Subscribing clients can also ask tailored questions in addition of the above core package.

For further information, please call your regular Ipsos MORI contact or:
Charles Adriaenssens on 020 7347 3184 
Chris O'Brien on 020 7347 3460
Himanshu Himanshu
on 020 7347 3946.
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Contact Us

Charles Adriaenssens
Charles Adriaenssens

Head of Financial Services

Chris O'Brien
Chris O'Brien

Associate Director

Himanshu Himanshu
Himanshu Himanshu

Business Development Manager


Survey Timetable: 2014

Deadline for participation: 14 February                             
Questionnaire finalisation: 21 February                          
Interviewing: March                           
Topline results: mid-April
Reports/Presentations: from May

Subscription costs (excluding VAT)

Full basic package per wave: £11,000
Press module: £3,000
Additional pre-coded question: £1,600
Additional 'open' question : £3,200

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