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Ipsos MORI Political Monitor Mid-Term Review 2010-2012

Welcome to Ipsos MORI’s mid-term polling review, collecting together our trends in public opinion between 2010 and 2012. Our Political Monitor tracks key political measures such as voting intention, satisfaction with government and the three party leaders, and economic optimism, and this site allows you to easily see the changes since the Coalition formed in May 2010.


But this data visualisation doesn’t stop there. By aggregating all of our polling over this period we wanted to make it as easy as possible for everyone interested in political polling to dig deeper into the data: seeing the trends in voting intention by gender, age, social class and region; satisfaction ratings among party supporters; and public opinion on other key political issues since the election.


As regular poll-watchers will know, when looking at polling it is important to think about the underlying trends and changes (or not) in the direction of opinion, rather than focussing on one specific poll here or there. Sometimes these changes are the beginnings of real shifts in opinion – such as happened after the 2012 Budget. However, often enough change from one poll to another is just “noise”, and therefore looking at the long-term trend is most powerful, and most useful in understanding public opinion.


At Ipsos MORI we are committed to sharing understanding of our research and of public opinion as widely as possible, in the belief that this makes for a better informed debate. We hope you find the site interesting, and do keep an eye on our Political Monitor each month to see what happens in the second half of the Coalition's term in office, as we get closer to a general election. For updates on all our polling follow us on Twitter @IpsosMORI or visit (where you can also find trends on these questions going back to the 1970s thanks to our heritage in polling).


Happy digging,


Gideon Skinner

Head of Political Research, Ipsos MORI


Tom Mludzinski

Deputy Head of Political Research, Ipsos MORI