• Foreword

    Bobby Duffy

    01. The generation frame

    How much do we know about how different generations view key social issues?

    Bobby Duffy and Daniel Cameron

    Generational difference: politics and policy

    An interview with conservative thinker the Rt Hon David Willietts MP

    03. Why bother with generational analysis?

    Is there any benefit to analysing societies by the generations within them?

    Shiv Malik and Ed Howker

    Ageing: Opportunities and challenges

    An interview with Age UK Charity Director General, Michelle Mitchell

    05. Generation Y: The independence generation?

    Polling shows that young people are consistently more supportive of independence. Why is this and does it signify an ‘independence generation’?

    Christopher McLean

    Age or generation?

    What can the Ipsos MORI Issues Index tell us about the way political views are formed and changed?

    Professor Roger Mortimore

    An age of change

    An overview of Ipsos MORI’s major programme of work on generational differences, and the implications for public policy and politics.

    Bobby Duffy and Michael Clemence



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