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Ipsos MORI Issues Index

Jerry Latter & Hannah Bellamy

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About the Issues Index

The Ipsos MORI Issues Index has been conducted regularly since 1974. For the last thirty-five years and more, it has provided a barometer of the key issues at the top of the public's mind, and the cycle of changes over time. People are not prompted with the answers, but asked to give their answers to the question, what are the most important issues facing Britain today.

About the Infographic

At the Ipsos MORI Social Research Institute, we believe that data does not have to be dull. Visual representations help people to better understand data and, ultimately, draw better conclusions. This infographic (above) neatly provides a history of economic worry and the rise and fall in the public consciousness of other top issues. If you would like more information on how we bring our data to life, please contact chloe.forbes@ipsos.com