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About Ipsos MORI

About Ipsos MORI
About Ipsos MORI

Ipsos MORI Story

Ipsos MORI, part of the Ipsos Group, is a leading UK research company with global reach. We specialise in researching Advertising (brand equity and communications); Loyalty (customer and employee relationship management); Marketing (consumer, retail & shopper and healthcare); MediaCT (media and technology), Social & Political Research and Reputation Research.


Our Values

We're a company of enquiring minds and passionate people driven by three core values:dedication to our clients' success; innovation and results. Read more link

Focus On Quality

Ipsos MORI's quality procedures are leading edge. They're a key differentiator, setting us apart from most competitors, and at the bedrock of everything we do. Read more link

Corporate Responsibility

We're committed to making a positive  difference in the world by reducing our environmental impact and contributing to local communities.Read more link 

Our Senior Team

Our senior team are all experienced research professionals who remain actively involved with clients and research studies.

Meet the team Read more link












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