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Approached by us?

Contact about an Interview?

Have you been contacted by Ipsos MORI about an interview?

Ipsos MORI is commissioned by a wide range of organisations to carry out a large number of research projects each year. In conducting this research we make contact with millions of people each year and rely on the goodwill and voluntary cooperation of individuals in order to carry out the research across the world.

Please find below answers to some of the common questions we are asked regarding our research.

  • Telephone: Click here if we have contacted you to conduct a telephone interview.
  • Face to Face: Click here if we have approached you to conduct a face to face interview.
  • Email: Click here if you have received an email from us.
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How do I become a face to face interviewer for Ipsos MORI?

Become a Face to Face Interviewer with Ipsos MORIIf you are confident and enjoy meeting people, join our panel of Market Research Interviewers where you can enjoy a variety of interesting work. 

Apply Now to become an Ipsos MORI Face to Face Research Interviewer

MRS Fair Data

MRS Fair DataIpsos MORI is accredited to the Fair Data mark, overseen by the Market Research Society. This is your guarantee that we will treat any personal information we hold in an ethical, transparent and responsible way.

Ipsos MORI complies with the eight principles of the Data Protection Act which ensure that personal information is safe guarded however it is collected, recorded and used whether on paper, in a computer file or database or recorded on other material. We are accredited to ISO27001, which is the international standard for data security.

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