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A Snapshot of Britain

A Snapshot of Britain

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A Snapshot of  Britain

2012 was a fantastic year of celebration for Britain, from the pomp and pageantry of the Queen’s Jubilee, to the life and soul of the London Olympics and the remarkable double firsts for Messrs Wiggins and Murray on two wheels and tennis court respectively. In fact, if you ignore the ongoing kerfuffle on the continent and the malaise of the markets, the ‘oh so’ British ‘keep calm and carry on’ mantra wasn’t even dampened by the wettest summer on record.

To celebrate this slightly soggy bounty of Britishness, Ipsos Marketing took the typically un-British step of creating an edition of our newsletter in recognition (although we’re slightly uncomfortable talking about it). The publication regularly provides a collection of thought pieces on themes relevant to our times, and the trends that affect brands, businesses and the world we live in.

The following series of graphics were included to illustrate an Ipsos MORI study on the nation’s thoughts as part of this, and provide an intriguing snapshot of Britain in 2012; from what invention we’re most proud of, to our favourite sip and tipple.

Our collective stiff upper lip may quiver at the thought, but 2012 was a great year to be British and something we should all be proud of. Our innovation, tolerance and humour are characteristics that build the nation’s brand globally and something we all contribute to. So, take your place in the queue, grab a flag and stand tall...then apologise to the person that just stood on your toes.

Tom Warren

Designer's Note

by Tom Warren


As with any infographic, it's important for it to be self explanatory, as the designer will rarely be around to walk you through it. 'A snapshot of Britain' has been designed to show exactly that - a summary of what us Britons think of ourselves. How proud are we of what we have invented? Why do we buy British produce? And are we really a nation of tea drinkers - turns out we are!

From a design perspective, the publication was designed to be bold with large imagery and fun typography, so while the infographic needed to catch peoples attention I didn't want it to take away from the impact of the document. I've kept it clean and simple, while picking up on the 'Red, White and Blue' and black and white imagery so that it could be used in conjunction with the striking Britishness report we had produced weeks before.

This is a classic example of where an 'infographic' can be used effectively to add another dimension to a wordy document, but by keeping it simple it doesn't take a lot of time and resources.

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