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Captains of Industry

Captains of Industry

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Captains of Industry

More Captains see potential revenue streams in apps; they also see more use of social/digital media.

According to our latest poll applications on smartphones and tablets are perceived to offer considerable potential for new revenue streams for over half the Captains of Industry interviewed (55%). This is a marked advance on the 36% who felt this was the case in 2011.

Captains expect to see growth in the use of social media or digital communication, with three-quarters (75%) agreeing that their company intends to increase their use at the expense of more traditional channels. This compares to 63% who felt this way in 2011.

Levels of use by Captains of tablets and smartphones remains higher than amongst the general public. The tablet revolution is being embraced by Captains of Industry, especially in a corporate capacity, with 8 in 10 (80%) using one. This represents a substantial increase on the 52% who had done so in 2011. An almost identical proportion of Captains (79%) use a tablet in a personal capacity too (up from 64% in 2011). In contrast, the tablet remains a more niche product among the general public, where currently just 13% own one according to The Ipsos MORI Technology Tracker (November 2012).

Smartphone usage in a corporate capacity remains high amongst Captains, currently at 77% (compared to 70% in 2011) and is similarly high in a personal capacity (74%). This is still ahead of the 50% usage amongst the general public (Ipsos MORI Tech Tracker November 2012). A substantial proportion of Captains use an Apple product, something that has risen markedly over the last year - up 17 percentage points to 83% in 2012 (66% in 2011).

The corporate use of social media by Captains is largely unchanged: LinkedIn usage is 40%, compared to 36% in 2011; Twitter 21% in 2012 compared to 18% in 2011; and Facebook 17% in 2012 compared to 16% in 2011.

In contrast, half the general public (50%) have visited the Facebook site in the last 3 months. However, Captains are ahead of the general public in their use of LinkedIn - 9% of the general public having visited the site in the last 3 months compared to 40% of Captains - and are on a par with the general public in their use of Twitter (17% of the general public compared to 21% of Captains).

Hannah Bellamy

Designer's Note

by Hannah Williams


Juliette approached me to update the Captains of Industry infographic in order to make, what was previously a relatively dry document, more engaging and visually appealing. The data was supplied in PowerPoint as charts and tables and it was down to me to make it into a format that could be distributed in print, and could also be distributed on the web via social media.

I thought the best approach would be to make 2 versions; a four-page A3 document and a long thin jpg which looks well when viewed on screen. Using a tight grid system and a rigid typographical hierarchy meant the artwork was easy to deconstruct and turn from one format to another.

The trickiest bit of the design process was creating the device to show the areas that were perceived to be the best environments for business and most attractive for investment, as there were many data points to show in a limited space. After first trying a heatmap approach, I later decided that an individual mini-chart would best display the data for each territory.

As well as being sent to the Captains themselves, the infographic was distributed freely on the web. We’ve also uploaded it to our Facebook page, sent it out through Twitter and posted it on visual.ly to maximize its exposure.

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