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About DataFizz: Ipsos MORI's Data Visualisation Blog

Read the Datafizz blogsIpsos MORI DataFizz is a blog and forum where Ipsos MORI researchers and designers  share data visualisations and infographics bubbling up from our extensive research.

What is data visualisation?

Data VisualisationData visualisation is the visual communication of information and data generated by different research processes in an understandable, clear and effective manner.

Our mission

Our MissionIpsos MORI has a commitment to communicate our findings in a clear and impactful way, using the most creative methods. Ipsos MORI DataFizz will offer readers a hub with engaging visualisations and topical issues.

Who are the visualisers?

VisualisersA collection of in-house designers whose philosophy is to convey data in a stimulating way. Through various approaches they find the best way to represent data, using colour schemes that convey meaning and elegant design.

Send us your feedback

FeedbackWe’d like you to feel involved. Please follow us and suggest interesting issues that we could represent through visualisation using Twitter @IMdatafizz, or comment on our blog.

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