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Britain 2012: A Confident Nation?

It feels like something of an understatement to describe Summer 2012 as an "eventful" period. With the country in the spotlight, we have created these web pages to bring together Ipsos MORI's latest thinking and analysis on Britain and Britishness.

Britain 2012: Who do we think we are?
Feature Paper: Britain 2012

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly - and the Beautiful?
Our paper draws upon survey data and other sources to explain who we are and discuss British perspectives, strengths and weaknesses.

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Design Council
Design Council: Britishness Survey

Ipsos MORI's new research for the Design Council was commissioned to coincide with the 2012 Design Summit. Read more link

British Council  Trust Pays: how much does cultural exchange matter?

This research, presented by Ben Page to the British Council, seeks to understand the influence of cultural exchange on opinions of UK among individuals in other countries. Read more link

 British Future British Future: ‘State of the Nation’ Poll

Findings from this survey conducted on behalf of new think-tank British Future, offer insights into the public’s hopes and fears for 2012 and their attitudes to issues of identity, integration and migration. Read more link

 Cup of Tea A nice cup of tea and a sit down

What next for the nation’s favourite drink, asks Jon Weeks, Director in Ipsos Marketing in his latest blog for Marketing Magazine. Read more link

 Channel 4 Two in five Britons don’t know when St. George’s Day is

An Ipsos MORI poll for Channel 4 explores attitudes towards immigration, barriers to being British and test the public with a mock citizenship test. Read more link 

 Channel 4 Britons are more proud of their history, NHS and army than the Royal Family

A Channel 4 poll into Britishness reveals a nation of tea lovers, who think they are funny (but drink too much) and find that history makes them more proud to be British than the Royal Family does. Read more link

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Ipsos Marketing Newsletter: Making Sense.. of Britain

Making Sense.. of BritainRead the first edition of Making Sense: Ipsos Marketing's newsletter with fresh perspectives on Britain and Britishness.


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Latest poll: The Olympics will cheer us up say Britons

Despite the weather, the traffic, and G4S, most Britons expect the Olympics to have a positive effect on the mood of the British public according to a new poll by Ipsos MORI. The Olympics will cheer us up say Britons.


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