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Ipsos MORI Top Cities 2013

Ipsos MORI Top Cities 2013

The largest ever global study on the best city to do business in, live in and visit

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The Ipsos Cities Survey was conducted online in 24 countries around the world, during February 2013. A total of 18,147 people were asked three questions:

“Based on what you have seen yourself, or heard about from others, which three cities in the world do you think are the best to...(a) do business in (b) live in (c) visit?”

The World's Favourite Cities

London has been voted one of the world’s favourite cities in the largest ever global survey of its kind by Ipsos MORI, covering 18,000 people in 24 countries. Read more link

The World's Least Favourite Cities

The Ipsos MORI Cities Index has identified Karachi, Tehran and Tel Aviv as the world's least popular cities to live in, do business in and visit. Read more link

The View on the Ground

Ipsos MORI’s “Top Cities” survey finds New York, London and Paris as clear winners when people around the globe were asked their views on the world’s best cities. Read more link

What's the Best City in the World?

The most striking finding from the Ipsos Top Cities research is that there are a handful of “superbrand” cities write Ben Page and Simon Atkinson in The Guardian. Read more link
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Ipsos Top Cities Presentation 

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