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Survey of public attitudes towards transport, 2009

Survey of public attitudes towards transport, 2009
A new Ipsos MORI report for the County Surveyor's Society (CSS) finds reducing the cost of public transport prioritised by the public over everything else.

This is the case in 2009 as it was in 2001, although road and pavement maintenance has caught up over the course of the decade while overall satisfaction levels with road maintenance have fallen from a mid-decade high of 52% in 2006.

Four in ten adults are now negative about road maintenance (41%). There has been an increase – now up to a third (34%) – in the proportion who think this has got worse over the past five years.

Reflecting this, this year’s survey shows that the public want to see greater priority given to this aspect of transport and highways service provision.

At the same time, spend on this and other transport and highways infrastructure and policy projects will have to compete for public funds in a challenging economic backdrop with public sector spend likely to be squeezed. Our new question for the CSS this year demonstrates that the public don’t currently give transport a priority relative to the more obvious ‘people services’.

Our time series for CSS shows a declining sense among users and the wider public that public transport has got worse.
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