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FTSE 100 Public Reporting on Employee Wellness & Engagement

FTSE 100 Public Reporting on Employee Wellness & Engagement

Latest Ipsos MORI research commissioned by Business in the Community shows the majority of public reporting on wellness and engagement by FTSE 100 companies fails to demonstrate business relevance.

Despite universal acknowledgement that good employee practices are linked to strong business performance, the research shows that whilst all FTSE 100 companies report on this topic to some extent, public disclosure remains inconsistent, limited and does not, in the majority of cases, include outcome metrics which link to impact on business performance. With more and more investors beginning to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis into their investment decisions, by failing to communicate effectively their employee wellbeing & engagement strategy, companies could be inadvertently underselling their investment.

Public Reporting Guidelines on employee wellness & engagement have also been launched by BITC. 

For more information please contact Clare Haines, PR Manager, Business in the Community, on 020 7566 8758.

Research methodology

Desk research was conducted by Ipsos MORI, examining FTSE 100 companies’ public reporting on employee wellness and engagement issues, taking the latest published information available in each case (i.e. Annual Reports, Corporate Responsibility/Sustainability Reports and information on corporate websites published as at 1 January 2011), and looking for published information that can reasonably be found online in c. 30 minutes. 

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