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Manchester 'England's Second City'

Published:12 September 2002
Fieldwork:23 - 28 Aug 2002
Source:Marketing Manchester
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Most people in UK consider London to be the England's 'first' city, which is perhaps not surprising. However, research by MORI North shows a third consider Manchester to be England's second city, ahead of competition from the likes of Liverpool and Birmingham.

When, without prompting, people are asked which they consider to be England's 'first' city, more than four in five (85%) name London. When asked which they consider England's 'second' city, a third (34%) name Manchester.

Birmingham follows Manchester with three in 10 people (29%) ranking it in second place. Liverpool was also in the picture, with one in 20 people (four percent) naming it as England's second city, and one in 10 (10%) naming it as England's 'third' city.

Manchester scored well for second city status by respondents in Scotland, where two in five (40%) placed Manchester second, and a similar percentage (41%) in both the North West and the Yorkshire / Humberside regions also put the city next behind London, as did a third in the East Midlands (38%) and 36% in the South East (36%).

Perhaps not surprisingly, respondents in the West Midlands gave the highest vote of two in five (41%) to Birmingham as a second city. Among 25-34 year-olds, two in five (42%) put Manchester in second city position, followed by 16-17 year olds (39%) and 35-44 year olds (36%).

Q Which is England's 1st, 2nd and 3rd city

Technical details

MORI North interviewed 1087 respondents in-home via CAPI. Fieldwork took place between August 23-28 2002.

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