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1979 Election Weekly Poll 1

Published:4 April 1979
Fieldwork:2 April 1979
Sub-Theme:Other Political Trends

MORI interviewed a representative interlocking quota sample of 1,041 adults aged 18+. Interviews were conducted face-to-face in 53 constituency sampling points across Great Britain on 2 April 1979.

Q1 Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the way the government is running the country?
Q2 Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the way Mr Callaghan is doing his job as Prime Minister?
Q3 Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the way Mrs Thatcher is doing her job as Leader of the Opposition?

  Government Callaghan Thatcher
  % % %
Satisfied 28 44 47
Dissatisfied 64 50 38
Don't know
8 6 15

Q4 How will you vote in the General Election on May 3rd?
(If undecided or refused at Q4)
Q5 Which party are you most inclined to support?
Base: All expressing a voting intention
Conservative 51
Labour 38
Other 1

Q6 Who do you think would make the better Prime Minister, Mr Callaghan or Mrs Thatcher?
Callaghan 42
Thatcher 40
Don't know 18

Q7 Do you think Mr Callaghan should or should not have called a General Election?
Should 85
Should not 9
Don't know 6

Q8 What issues do you think the General Election will be about?
Q9 What issues do you think the General Election should be about?

  Will Should
  % %
Prices/cost of living/inflation  54 55
Trade unions/strikes 24
Unemployment  24 24
Taxation  19 20
Common Market  11 11
Law and order  19 13
Housing/rates/rents  10 8
Pensions  11 9
Immigration/race relations  5 4
Schools/education  7 4
National Health Service  6 4
Nationalisation  2 2
Northern Ireland  8 6
Devolution  2 5
("Other" and don't know responses not recorded)  

 Q10 I am going to read out a list of issues facing people in Britain today. Would you please tell me which political party you think has the best policies on each one?

Labour  Liberal Other Don't know
Inflation & prices  % 38 33 5 0 23
Strikes & industrial disputes % 40 22 4 1 23
Unemployment % 37 29 5 1 28
Common Market % 33 24 4 2 37

Q11 How likely is it that you will get along to vote in the General Election on May 3rd?
Certain not to vote 6
Not very likely to vote
Quite likely to vote 8
Very likely to vote 13
Certain to vote 69


Q12 How much do you personally care who wins the General Election?
I care very much indeed 42
I care quite a lot 26
I care a fair amount 14
I care a little 10
I don't care at all 8


Q13 After the next election do you think that the Liberal Party will have more seats in Parliament than at present, fewer seats or the same number of seats as at present?
More seats 50
Fewer seats 18
Same number 22
Don't know 10
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