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1979 Election Weekly Poll 5

Published:28 April 1979
Fieldwork:26 April 1979
Sub-Theme:Other Political Trends
Keywords:1979 British general election, Best PM, James Callaghan, Margaret Thatcher
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MORI interviewed a representative interlocking quota sample of 1,061 adults aged 18+. Interviews were conducted face-to-face in 54 constituency sampling points across Great Britain on 26 April 1979.

Q1 How do you think you will vote at the General Election on the 3rd May?
(If undecided or refused at Q1)
Q2 Which party are you most inclined to support?
Base: All expressing a voting intention

Conservative 44
Labour 41
Other 3

Q3 Who do you think would make the better Prime Minister, Mr Callaghan or Mrs Thatcher?
Mr Callaghan 50
Mrs Thatcher 31
Don't know

Q4 How much do you personally care who wins the General Election?
I care very much indeed 38
I care quite a lot 26
I care a fair amount 17
I care a little 11
I don't care at all 8


Q5 Which, if any, of these politicians can you remember having seen on television during the election campaign?
Q6 Regardless of the party they support, which three or four of these politicians impressed you most when you saw them on television?

Seen Impressed
  % %
Edward Heath 48 13
Michael Heseltine 24 3
Geoffrey Howe 26 3
Sir Keith Joseph 36 7
James Prior 28 3
Francis Pym 13 1
Norman St John Stevas 15 2
Margaret Thatcher 87 32
William Whitelaw 45 7
John Pardoe 36 10
Cyril Smith 33 5
David Steel 76 34
Jeremy Thorpe 36 2
Tony Benn 29 3
James Callaghan 87 35
Michael Foot 31 4
Roy Hattersley 23 2
Denis Healey 58 8
David Owen 33 4
Merlyn Rees 32 3
Peter Shore 18 2
John Silkin 18 2
Shirley Williams 56 16
Harold Wilson 30 4
None of these 5 15

Percentages given under "impressed" are the proportion of the total sample who had seen and been impressed by each politician, not the proportion of those who had seen the politician on TV that had been impressed by him/her

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