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Awareness and understanding of the ivory trade

Published:31 March 2011
Fieldwork:17 March 2011
Keywords:Animal welfare, charities, Ivory trade
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A new Ipsos MORI poll commissioned by International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), finds more than four in 10 (44%) British adults are unaware that elephants have to die before their ivory can be obtained.

The poll also finds that 8% of adults own items made of ivory, which equates to almost four million* British residents.

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Technical details

Ipsos MORI interviewed a nationally representative quota sample of 2,023 adults in GB aged 15+. Interviews were carried out face-to-face, in home, using CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interviewing Laptops), as part of the Ipsos MORI Omnibus (Capibus). Fieldwork was conducted from 11-17 March 2011. The results have been weighted to reflect the known profile of the adult GB population. They are weighted on age, social grade, region and work status-within gender. The data are also weighted on housing tenure and ethnicity.

* Using ONS 2009 mid-year estimates, the GB population aged 15+ is 49,564,800. A total of 8% say they own items made of ivory, equating to nearly 4 million people. Based on a confidence interval of approx +/- 1.3% and the sample size of 2,023 the actual number could vary between c3.3 and 4.6 million adults aged 15+.

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