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Public attitudes to the nuclear to the nuclear industry

Published:4 August 2011
Fieldwork:17 - 23 June 2011
Source:Ipsos MORI / Nuclear Industry Association
Keywords:Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Power
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An extra mid-year opinion survey for the Nuclear Industry Association, conducted in the wake of the Fukushima incident in Japan in March, has shown continued support among the British public for an energy policy that includes nuclear energy as well as renewables.

Sixty-eight percent agree that “Britain needs a mix of energy sources to ensure a reliable supply of electricity, including nuclear power and renewable energy sources” while just 12% disagree.

This is despite a decline in both favourable opinion of the nuclear industry and support for replacement nuclear newbuild since the Fukushima incident. In fact, there remains more favourable opinion than unfavourable opinion (28% compared to 24%) and more support than opposition for newbuild (36% compared to 28%).

Almost half the public (47%) disagree that “the Nuclear industry has done its best to inform and educate people about nuclear energy and its safety measures” while just 25% agree.

Among those who oppose replacement nuclear newbuild, mentions of safety concerns and risk are up nine points from last November (to 38%).

Technical details

Ipsos MORI interviewed face-to-face a nationally representative sample of 994 adults at 153 sampling points across Great Britain in the period 17-23 June 2011. The interviews were carried out on our Capibus Omnibus survey and the data weighted to reflect the population of Great Britain aged 16+.

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