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RenewableUK Wind Power

Omnibus research

Published:19 April 2012
Fieldwork:13 - 15 April 2012
Keywords:Renewable Energy, Windfarm
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 In April 2012, Ipsos MORI conducted research into public attitudes to wind power for Renewable UK / Hill and Knowlton Strategies.

Technical details

  • The research was conducted on i:omnibus, Ipsos MORI’s online panel omnibus, between Friday 13th April and Tuesday 17th April 2012.
  • Questions were asked online of 1,009 adults aged between 16 and 64 across Great Britain.
  • The survey data were weighted by age, gender, region and social grade, working status and main household shopper, to be nationally representative of GB adults aged 16 - 64.
  • Full data tables are available upon request.
  • Where percentages do not add up to 100, this may be due to computer rounding, multiple responses, or the exclusion of don’t know categories.
  • All figures are percentages based on the total sample (1009) unless otherwise stated.

Presentation and Interpretation of the Data

When interpreting the findings it is important to remember that the results are only based on a sample of the population, and not on the entire population. Consequently, results are subject to sampling tolerances, and not all differences between subgroups are therefore significant.

Publication of Data

As with all our studies, these results are subject to our standard terms and conditions of contract. Any publication of results requires the prior approval of Ipsos MORI and Hill and Knowlton Strategies. Such approval will only be refused on the grounds of inaccuracy or misrepresentation.

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Sarah Shepherd

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Tom Magill

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Renewable UK

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