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The Future of the Monarchy

Poll for Central TV

Published:December 1996
Fieldwork:13-16 December 1996
Keywords:Future predictions, Monarchy, Prince Charles, Princess Anne
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  • MORI interviewed a representative quota sample of 1,838 adults aged 18+ throughout Great Britain
  • Interviews were conducted face-to-face, in home, on 13-16 December 1996
  • Data are weighted to the profile of the population
  • The survey was conducted for Central TV

Q Looking to the future, do you think Britain will or will not have a monarchy in ten years/fifty years/one hundred years?

  10 years 50 years 100 years
  % % %
77 33 20
Will not
19 48 56
Don't know 4 19 24
Trends on these questions

Q Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? "Britain no longer needs a Monarchy"

Don't know 5

Q On balance, do you think that Prince Charles will make a good king or a bad king when he comes to the throne in future?

Good king
Bad king
Don't know/no opinion 18
Trends on this question

Q If the Monarchy were replaced by an elected Presidential system, which if any of the people on this card would you most like to see as President?

Princess Anne 17
Richard Branson 13
Prince Charles 9
Lady Thatcher 5
Princess Diana 5
Betty Boothroyd 4
Neil Kinnock 4
Sir John Harvey Jones 4
Tony Benn 3
Sir Edward Heath 2
Sir David Steel 2
Shirley Williams 1
Sir Stewart Lewis *
None of these 24
Don't know

Q Which member of the Royal Family, if any, do you think has done the most damage to the Royal Family's reputation?

The Duchess of York (Sarah Ferguson) 40
Prince Charles (The Prince of Wales) 34
Diana, Princess of Wales 11
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 2
The Queen 1
Prince Andrew (The Duke of York) *
Princess Anne (The Princess Royal) *
Prince Edward *
Other 1
None 4
Don't know

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