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80 per cent agree UK has a housing crisis

45 per cent disagree that new local homes are needed

Published:13 February 2013
Fieldwork:12 - 14 January 2013
Keywords:Buildings, homeowners, Housing
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Download the InfographicBy four to one the public think that there is a housing crisis in Britain according to an Ipsos MORI poll published in the Evening Standard yesterday.

The 80% who take this view include 44% who strongly agree. By comparison, 18% disagree there is a crisis in Britain including only 3% who strongly disagree.

Underpinning this, the majority disagree that there is enough affordable housing available to buy or rent in the local area (59%), agree that is harder to buy or rent now than it was for their parents (77%), and that it will be harder for today’s children to buy or rent in the future (90%).

But the poll also shows that the sense of crisis nationally does not necessarily translate to a sense of crisis locally with 44% agreeing that there is a housing crisis in their local area and 49% disagreeing. Nor does it guarantee support for new house building; 52% agree that new homes need to be built locally, 45% disagree.

Technical note
Interviewing took place by telephone between 12-14 January and involved interviews with 1,015 British adults aged 18+. Data has been weighted to the known population profile.
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