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Arts Organisations Go Digital

Published:24 June 2006
Fieldwork:6 - 27 June 2006
Keywords:Arts, Technology
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Ipsos MORI's third wave of online research among the arts community, on behalf of London Calling Arts, has revealed a strong desire for the arts to seek ways of working with digital technologies.

Seven in ten arts professionals (many of whom have a role in marketing) believe that their organisation could make more use of digital media. One stumbling block is clearly the amount of money available, as budgets for digital marketing remain low; two-thirds of organisations currently allocate less than £10,000 per annum to digital technologies.

While 98% of organisations now have websites, 76% say their website fails to meet all of the needs of their audiences. Many believe their whole site needs to be redeveloped in order to function more effectively.

Some 76% also make use of email broadcasts to engage with their audiences, particularly current attendees. Three-quarters (77%) of those using email broadcasts, though, have lists of fewer than 10,000 records. Most update their lists regularly and three in four are able to segment their email lists. This is generally quite limited, though, as while many can do so by home address (57%) or by previous events attended (49%), fewer can do so by subscriber interests (10%) or by ethnicity (4%).

Among those technologies that arts organisations are keen to explore in more detail, interactive viral campaigns, events-based microsites, SMS/MMS marketing and search engine promotion all score highly.

Plans for new technology

The results were used to assist with the launch of London Calling Digital.

Technical details

Using an on-line methodology, a total of 1292 individuals were sent a link to the survey. The link to the survey was also made available on various e publications, including the Arts Professional newsletter. In total, 131 individuals ranging from Chief Executives through to Marketing Directors to junior marketing staff completed it. The survey was live between 6-27 June 2006.

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