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Public: House price rises are not good for Britain

Published:1 November 2013
Fieldwork:13-23 September 2013
Keywords:Economy, House Prices, Housing, Personal finance, Property prices
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A new Ipsos MORI poll for Inside Housing has found nearly three times as many Britons disagree than agree that rising house prices are a good thing for the country.

Just under a quarter (23%) strongly disagree that “Rising house prices are a good thing for Britain” while a further third (34%) tend to disagree. A fifth (20%) either strongly agree or tend to agree that price rises are a good thing.

The poll shows the public more likely to think “Rising housing prices are a good thing for me personally” than think they would be good for Britain but, still, many more disagree than agree; by 41% to 29%. Again, just under a quarter (24%) strongly disagree.

Even among those who think rising house prices would be a good thing for them personally, more disagree than agree that rises would be good for Britain: 44% take this view, more than the 37% who think rises would be good.

Interviewing took place with 1,970 British adults aged 16+ between 13-23 September 2013. Data has been weighted to the known population profile.

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