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Attitudes towards voting for the main political parties

Poll for British Future

Published:26 February 2014
Fieldwork:6 - 11 December 2013
Sub-Theme:Other Political Trends
Keywords:Conservative Party, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Politics/Political, UKIP
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New Ipsos MORI data (from an online poll carried out in December 2013) for British Future shows that around four in ten British adults would never consider voting for each of the Conservatives (40%), Liberal Democrats (41%) and UKIP (42%). However, the anti-Labour feeling appears to be slightly lower with 33% saying they would never consider voting for Labour.

Labour supporters have the strongest anti-Conservative sentiment with 77% saying they would never consider voting the Conservatives. 43% of Liberal Democrats say the same, as do 48% of UKIP supporters

Conservative supporters reciprocate with 73% saying they would never consider voting for Labour, as do 63% of UKIP supporters and 38% of Liberal Democrats.

UKIP supporters are more opposed to the idea of voting for the Liberal Democrats than either Conservative or Labour supporters, 71% saying they would never consider voting for them compared with 49% of Conservatives and 56% of Labour supporters.

Around six in ten Labour (58%) and Liberal Democrat (62%) supporters say they would never consider voting for UKIP, as do 47% of Conservatives. 

   The Conservative Party
The Labour Party
 The Liberal Democrats
I would consider voting for them in both general election and European parliamentary elections 24% 30% 14%
I would consider voting for them in general elections but not European parliamentary elections 7% 7% 6% 3%
I would consider voting for them in European parliamentary elections but not general elections 3% 4% 8% 12%
I would never consider voting for them  40%  33% 41%
Don't know  26% 26%

Technical details

Ipsos MORI interviewed 2,244 British online adults aged 16-75 between 6-11 December 2013. Interviews were conducted on Ipsos’ online panel. Data are weighted to the profile of the population.

British Future is a thinktank working  to encourage debates on identity, integration, migration and opportunity. www.britishfuture.org

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