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Employee Research - Ipsos MORI Loyalty ERM Outlook Report

Employee Research - Latest Thinking

Regardless of whether we are starting to come out of the recession or not, we know that organisations continue to face significant people management challenges.  This collection of our latest thought leadership is designed to help you meet these challenges.

Review of the MacLeod Report of Employee Engagement

Ipsos MORI analyses the Macleod Report and highlights the major benefits of employee engagement and the key management behaviours needed to maximise it.  Review of the MacLeod Report of Employee Engagement

Employer Branding in a Recession

What are the essential building blocks for retaining and attracting good people in difficult times? Given all the other things in the in-tray, is it worth spending time and energy looking at your employer brand? Karen Wisdom investigates. Employer Branding in a Recession 

Recession Update

Our latest update sets economic context by illustrating the current mood among the general public. Recession Update

The Impact of the Economic Recession on HR

New Research from Ipsos MORI and Talent2 (a global HR outsourcing company) shows how HR strategies have been responding to the recession and what this has meant for their people management strategies and practices.The Impact of the Economic Recession on HR

Labour Market Outlook Quarterly Review

Latest results from a quarterly survey of UK HR professionals on recruitment and redundancy trends that Ipsos MORI undertakes on behalf of CIPD/KPMG. Labour Market Outlook Quarterly Review

Join our Employee Relationship Management Council

Are you interesting in regularly contributing to and understanding the latest hot topics and issues affecting HR, then join our HR Panel.

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