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Ipsos Marketing

We help marketers understand their markets, innovate and build their brand portfolio and maximise sales to get the best return on their investments. read more link

Ipsos Marketing Quantitative

We help clients understand markets, create successful innovation ideas, forecast brand portfolios, accelerate shopper growth, and launch new products. read more link

Ipsos UU Qualitative

A collaborative team of unique individuals who share a passion for Bringing Life to life. Read more link

Ipsos Healthcare

We help you understand the motivations, interactions and influences of the multiple stakeholders who impact commercial success in the healthcare industry. read more link


Ipsos Ethnography Centre of Excellence (ECE) helps you understand cultural practices and discover hidden consumer needs. read more link

Marketing Sciences

Ipsos MORI Marketing Sciences team help clients make their research more actionable, bringing it alive and focusing it on their business decisions.read more link

Retail Performance

Ipsos Retail Performance brings global retail footfall KPIs and shopper insights to life. read more link

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Jim Needell
Jim Needell

Managing Director, Marketing


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