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Our Expertise

Industry and Services focuses on marketing research, modelling and consultancy for clients in the technology, durables, automotive, consumer services and B2B sectors. 

We offer a comprehensive range of services beginning with understanding market and consumer opportunities through to assessing market potential and optimising the launch for new products and services. 

In challenging times, our clients are under even more pressure to understand where revenue opportunities lie and ensure they gain a good return on the investment from their product development and marketing efforts. 

Key questions our clients often approach us with include: 

  • Which consumer segments offer the greatest opportunity for our business?
  • What are the important consumer needs within my category and where are the new product and service opportunities?
  • What is driving consumer choice in my category and how do I perform in relation to my competitors?
  • What is the potential size of my market and where is the greatest share opportunity for my business?
  • Which of my new product ideas have the greatest volume or revenue potential?
  • What combinations of product price and features will maximise sales and profit?
  • How can I optimise my product range to ensure I am maximising potential consumer spend?
  • Where should I focus investment within my marketing and channel strategy to ensure the most successful new product launch?

The Industry and Services team offer consultancy and a unique set of research tools to help drive intelligent decision making for our clients. Importantly, we deliver these services accurately, quickly and cost-effectively.

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Joe MarshallJoe Marshall
Head of InnoQuest

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