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Since 1973, BE:EUROPE is the only survey that reaches into the corner offices of the region’s largest and most important corporations. We talk to the key decision makers, people whose purchasing decisions are pivotal to the fortunes of a whole range of industries including airlines, hotels, banking, IT and luxury cars.

The survey is an essential planning and sales tool for media owners, advertisers and agencies wishing to target Europe’s top business executives. Their salaries are on average almost seven times higher than those of the general population. BE:EUROPE is unique in having charted the development of this group of individuals.

BE:EUROPE remains unrivalled in its reliability and in the vital audience it represents, enabling users to make robust comparisons within a specific survey or over time. Combined with our consistent and transparent methodology you can be sure that the Business Elite surveys will provide you with the most reliable data available.

BE:Europe 2014 Launch

The latest edition of the BE:EUROPE series was presented on 22 January 2015 in London. The presentation is now available for download.

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Technical details

BE:EUROPE 2014 is the twenty-third in a series of surveys, first published in 1973. BE:EUROPE has used a consistent definition of a business person throughout the survey series, with continuous updating and refinement. BE:EUROPE 2014 covers an estimated universe of 416,339 executives at 58,905 business establishments in seventeen European countries.


  1. Establishments are sampled from general and sector specific business lists.
  2. These establishments are called to confirm their eligibility for the survey and to identify up to three qualifying individuals per establishment.
  3. Lists of eligible individuals were also purchased to supplement the collected sample in specific categories.
  4. Each individual selected was sent covering letter in their own language together with a URL link to the online survey.
  5. Data from completed online returned questionnaires is weighted to represent the universe of BE:EUROPE executives (as estimated from stages one and two and historical data).
  6. The results are based on two years worth of universe estimations weighted evenly to reflect data across these periods.


The questionnaire is available online to respondents in their language of preference (either the local language or English) and is also available online.

The online questionnaire collects readership, viewership, reach across digital platforms (including mobile and tablet), and business and personal profile data. In each country, a common list of international and regional media brands are covered, together with relevant national media brands.

Fieldwork Timings

Fieldwork ran from May to September 2014.

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James Torr
James Torr

Senior Director


BE Europe

View the slides from the BE:Europe 2014 launch presentation.

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