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Captains of Industry

Key Influencer Tracking

30 years of interviewing Britain’s business leaders

Responsible for such a large proportion of the UK economy, Britain’s most senior business leaders have tremendous power to shape both the corporate and political worlds, but finding out what they think can be very difficult.

Our annual Captains of Industry study offers organisations unique insights from one of the country’s most highly influential groups.

Over the last 30 years, we have interviewed many of Britain’s prestigious business leaders. With c.100 face-to-face interviews conducted among the top 500 companies in the UK, we can get to the heart of their viewpoints, which will enable you to:

  • Understand Captains’ disposition towards your organisation and how you can shape it
  • Benchmark against your competitors and other organisations
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your communications and business relations 
  • Gain insight into topical issues affecting your organisation and wider sector
  • Pinpoint areas for improvement and plan future communications strategies

As the only survey of its kind offered in the UK, the Captains of Industry study is the authoritative source of opinion on Britain’s most senior business leaders.


Ipsos MORI Captains of Industry Survey Infographic - The Economy  Ipsos MORI Captains of Industry Survey Infographic - Regulation
 Ipsos MORI Captains of Industry Survey Infographic - Investment  Ipsos MORI Captains of Industry Survey Infographic - The European Union
 Ipsos MORI Captains of Industry Survey Infographic - Business Culture  Ipsos MORI Captains of Industry Survey Infographic - Most Impressive Business Person


Economic Optimism

Questionnaire and costs

Captains of Industry is a multi-client survey, which represents a cost-effective way of obtaining access to the views of a robust sample of business leaders.

Our Core Package   Our Bespoke Package
  • Your company performance compared to your main sector competitors in terms of familiarity, favourability and advocacy;
  • Open ended questions to explore the reasons Captains speak highly, or are critical, of your organisation;
  • A set of image rating questions that will enable Captains to rate your performance across a series of attributes. To better understand your performance an organisation or company of your choice will also be tested in the same manner and the results of both will be compared to our database of industry averages;
  • A wide range of background questions that explore what Captains think about current economic and business trends
Cost: from £19,250 .
  • 2 pre-coded questions that can be fully tailored around any subject that you may be interested in;
  • 1 open-ended question, which will allow you to explore an issue in more depth

Cost: From £6,700.

Additional questions

  • From £1,950 for a pre-coded question to £2,800 for an open-ended question and £1,350 for each image statement.

All prices exclude VAT.

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Contact Us

Juliette Albone
Juliette Albone

Associate Director

Andrew Croll
Andrew Croll

Research Director


Download the Infographic

Ipsos MORI Captains of Industry Survey Infographic
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Key dates are:
Deadline for participation: Mid July
Questionnaire finalisation: Late July
Interviewing: September to December
Reports / Presentations: January