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Public Health

Social Research Public Health

The return of public health to local government presents a number of exciting opportunities for addressing health and wellbeing in the round. It does, however, bring fresh challenges with councils under scrutiny to deliver against public health outcomes and public health practitioners needing to adapt their working practices to more politicised environments. As ever, a strong local evidence base is essential to shaping local decision-making and for understanding how best to target, and evaluate, public health interventions.

As a leading provider of research to the local government and health sectors, we regularly assist clients to:

  • Profile the attitudes and behaviours of local populations in relation to lifestyle and wellbeing – and how these differ geographically and demographically
  • Understand the drivers, enablers and barriers of target behaviours
  • Unpick individuals’ actual behaviour in comparison to their reported behaviour
  • Undertake sensitive research with harder-to-reach groups as part of wider community engagement
  • Place research results within the wider context of our Local Improvement Index and benchmarking norms data
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of interventions and service design/delivery

We utilise a whole host of research techniques to support decision-making at the local level and have extensive experience of working with local government, NHS Trusts, voluntary agencies and other health bodies.

Making public health everybody's business

Making Public Health Everbody's Business
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Public Health England Stakeholder Research

Public Health England Stakeholder Research
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Louise Park
Louise Park

Associate Director


Public Health: An individual's or the government's responsibility?

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